Parallel Vienna 2021 | gallery statement | Anna Khodorkovskaya



Raum A216
Hockegasse 37, 1180 Wien

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Galerie3 presents an overview of very recent works and the different facets of Anna Khodorkovskayas artistic work.
Anna Khodorkovskaya works with different media and a lot. Art is an integral part of her everyday life and practice. Already well known for mosaic works, she never get’s tried to explore new materials like concrete, ceramics and creates new combinations. That doesn’t mean she gives up painting or drawing. At Parallel Vienna her brand-new series on paper “One Anna a Day” is on display for the first time.

Anna Khodorkovskaya (born 1985) lives and works in Vienna. Her works creates a new visual territory generated by the tension between life and art. Elements from everyday visual culture are appropriated, remixed and transformed into a personal reflection about society and its own informational rhythm.

Anna Khodorkovskaya studied at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She works with various techniques and media: painting, mosaic, grafics and performance and enjoys artistic collaborations. Her works were shown internationally as well as performed and installed in public space. 

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